Real Life Films Channel offers an eclectic mix of acclaimed documentaries and popular reality shows from Monarch Films.

Real Life Films

Trains, trains and more trains! More videos about locomotives than you knew existed. Let’s move!

Loco-Motion TV

This original paranormal documentary TV series, Ghost Hunters first appeared from 1997-1998 in the UK on the Discovery Channel. The series features the ghost encounter recollections from the people affected as well as commentary by preeminent researchers in the field of parapsychology.

Ghost Hunters

Dive into the world of the unexplained with these fascinating reports of the supernatural, the unusual and the downright odd. Enjoy real stories from area 51 as well as interviews with government officials, army and other real life witnesses on this TV channel.

UFO News

Aliens and UFOs – The Close Encounters Channel features top authorities on the UFO enigma. Pilots, Astronauts, Government Officials, Military Officials, Medical Experts, Scientists and more reveal their experiences and insights into the UFO Phenomena in never before seen interviews exposing the Alien Presence on planet Earth.

Aliens and UFOs

CCTV-9 is a documentary channel of a Chinese television network CCTV.

CCTV9 Documentary

Travel Channel+1 is inspirational, informative and entertaining, Travel Channel presents a uniquely panoramic and objective perspective on the travel experience and also features documentaries, reality, and how-to shows related to travel and leisure around the United States and throughout the world. Programming has included shows in African animal safaris, tours of grand hotels and resorts, visits to significant cities and towns across the world, programming about various foods across the world, and programming about ghosts and the paranormal in notable buildings.

Travel Channel+1

Yesterday is a place where the past is always present. The majority of the channel’s programmes are sourced from channels like BBC One, Two and Four programme archives.